1. Do I have to make an appointment? Can I just walk in?
    No. We accept wallk-ins. Your visit goes more quickly if you schedule an appointment, and you will be able to schedule at a time that is convenient for you. You can walk in for a visit, but when you do you will be given an appointment time to be seen and you may have to wait for an opening in the schedule.

  2. How long will my appointment actually take?
    The length of time it takes to complete a visit varies depending on the reason for the visit. While most appointment lengths are 20 minutes, you must add the time it takes to check-in and do other tasks related to the visit, such as lab tests, x-rays or other procedures. You can expect to spend at least 50 minutes for most appointments.

  3. What if I have an emergency and can't wait to see my provider?
    We do NOT have an emergency room. If you have an emergency you should call 911 or go directly to a local hospital emergency room. If Doctor Today TLC office is closed and you feel you cannot wait for us to reopen, you can contact our urgent care clinic.

  4. Is it necessary to make an appointment with my doctor if I only need a prescription refill?
    There are two answers to this question:
    - A medication REFILL may have been authorized on your original prescription and is recorded in the pharmacy and in your health record, therefore a medical visit is not required. Simply contact your pharmacy and inquire whether or not you have any refills left on your prescription.
    - A medication RENEWAL requires a discussion with your medical team nurse or primary care provider (PCP). Oftentimes, if you have already discussed your medications with your PCP, a prescription can be renewed over the telephone and a visit to the PCP is not required. For some medications there is a legal requirement to see your clinician for renewals, but not for most medications.

  5. Can I be seen "after hours" in the evening or over the weekend?
    Our health center network provides an evening and weekend Urgent Care Clinic for patients who have urgent medical problems, such as severe vomiting, high fever, acute injuries, burns, lacerations, etc, that cannot wait until the next day. It is not a place to go for routine care just for convenience reasons. Urgent Care is staffed by a doctor and clinic support staff.

  6. How much will the visit cost if I have no insurance?
    There is a range of costs for the office visit depending on the complexity of the medical problem. We discount all of our rates for patients without medical insurance.